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The Peeps Foundation

The Peeps Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing dwarf miniature horses with special needs and finding them a forever home. 

In 2014, Josh Dolan and Alex Granto spotted multiple miniature horses out in a field in Lexington, KY. As they got closer to the property, they realized there were over 60 miniature horses in the field and many of them were not in good health. 

​​They immediately called Animal Control and the police got involved over the next few days, but they were unable enter the property or find the property owner. Josh and Alex returned a few days later and noticed the situation had worsened, so in a last ditch effort Josh left a note on the gate with his number. Surprisingly, he got a call back that night from the owner. The owner offered to sell them the minis at a very good price, so Josh and Alex went back the next day and bought 19 miniature horses, retrofitting their almost full show barn to house them and nurse them back to full health. One of the minis they rescued was the one they initially spotted out in the field on that fateful day. They named that mini "Peeps" and since then she has become the face of the organization with her pink mane. Peeps has a sassy personality and loves welcoming new minis to her new home. 

Since 2014, The Peeps Foundation(501c3) has rescued over 400 miniature horses plus other animals including dogs, goats and miniature cows! Due to miniature dwarf horses needing extra medical attention and special needs, the organization believes education is the best way to stop the abuse of miniature horses. The foundation gives regular tours at their barn in Lexington, KY plus you can find them educating at many horse shows around the East Coast. If you are interested in rescuing a miniature horse, know of a miniature horse or animal that needs help or want to learn more information, please contact The Peeps Foundation via email at or go to You can follow Peeps and her friends on Instagram @mylittlepeepers.

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