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About Us

 Cassie Dolan
Co-Founder and CEO


Joshton Dolan
Josh & Peeps
Co-Founder, Artist, and Animal Rescuer 

Our Purpose

To make a positive difference for animals and people all around the world.  

 About Us

In 2015, Josh Dolan designed his first geometric animal design for his sister-in-law Cassie and his brother Davis of their dog, Wop Wop, as a wedding present. The geometric design represented the concept that their dog is the center of their universe, which he totally is! 
Two years later, Cassie decided to take her knowledge of the retail industry and Josh's geometric animal designs, plus both of their love for animals to start be. by dolan. Ever since Josh was a young boy he had a love for animals. He started riding horses at the age of 3 and currently manages and rides for his barn, Mad Season. He also started a non-profit animal organization called, The Peeps Foundation, which is dedicated to helping rescue miniature dwarf horses and other animals in need.
We support The Peeps Foundation by donating profits of every shirt to help an animal in need. We believe it is our purpose to help make a positive difference for animals and people around the world by showing love and support. 
To learn more about the foundation or if you are interested in adopting click here. To make a donation click here